Changing locale of ADF error messages

Working with ADF ( on a Dutch locace environment I get error message like these:

Caused by: oracle.mds.core.MetadataNotFoundException: MDS-00013: Geen metagegevens gevonden voor metagegevensobject "/nl/svb/ddb/dossierviewer/view/DataControls.dcx"

A query in Google with the error type and/or code (in this case MetadataNotFoundException and MDS-00013), despite this apparant unique signature, often yields several different errors in blogs, forums and documentation. Rather than looking for the right one or translating the native (in my case the Dutch) message, you can force the (internal) server to use a different locale.

Choose “Application” from the menubar and click “Application Properties -> Run -> Application Server Properties”. Next go to the "Launch Settings"-tab (see also screenshot below). In this tab add the following java options:


Change the language ('en') and territory suffix ('US') to your liking.

Application settings

If you want to change the locale only for a single project rather than all your applications; select the project, right-click and go to "Project Properties -> Run/Debug/Profile" and select a run configuration. Click "Edit" and add the user.language and java options. Restart the server afterwards.

If you are working on a separate server you can add the java options directly to the startup script of your webserver as well (for WebLogic look for setDomainEnv.cmd/.sh).