Niels Krijger

I am a freelance full-stack web developer from Utrecht (The Netherlands). You can find me on:

Benian (2001-present)

My own company for which I do work in my free time.

Right now I'm focusing primarily on Metrix.io using:

Between 2001-2010 I developed and managed several high-traffic game web portals and developed websites for small companies using:

RTL Videoland (2018)

Worked as a full-stack engineer in the Onboarding-team with:

oneUp (2017 +/- 6 months)

Worked as a full-stack engineer in the PVH/Tommy-team with:

Nolemmings (2015-2017)

Worked as a full-stack engineer on various projects with:

IceMobile (2013-2015)

Worked as a senior back-end & DevOps engineer on BrandLoyalty's digital loyalty program using:

Oracle (2011-2013)

Worked as a junior SOA consultant with:

CAPE Group (2009-2010)

Worked as a junior systems integrator with:

Other experience

Other IT-related jobs I've had were:

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